Read what Image Labs Customers have to say about working with us:

Image Labs Sales and Customer Support team

“Brian and Scott have been more than helpful. In fact, I would have to say you have been one of the better suppliers I’ve dealt with. I’m sure I’ll need more help in the future so it’s nice to know the support is there.”
– SM, Systems Engineer

“I contacted many companies by phone, fax and e-mail … and none of them had the personal quality I found in Image Labs. I am very grateful to you for your support and patience. I have a little company, but you treated Investec like we were IBM or Microsoft. Thanks again to all your team.”
– NS, Investec

“We have been very satisfied with our vision system. We needed our system in a hurry for a demonstration in Washington , and your staff worked hard to specify the system and get the parts to us on time. The demo was a big success.”
– DW

“I just wanted to thank you and the folks at Image Labs for your service. We have had problems with [other providers] in the past and it is nice to finally find someone who cares about their customers. Keep up the good work and we will stay with you for a long time. Thank You.”

“Thank you for meeting with me a few weeks ago. The time spent with your firm was well worth it. You have a great bunch of folks.”
– JH, Yakama FMG

“Rest assured that if we need vision products we will contact you first. We have been very happy with your products and service. Best regards.”

“Thanks, We appreciate having this kind of technical backup. It helps me sleep at night. Kind regards”

“Image Labs was a pleasure to deal with.”
– RS, Boeing Company

“Thanks for your good support.
– IB, Astra Microtronics Technology

Image Labs Engineering team

“I evaluated two other vision suppliers in the course of this project. My criteria were primarily three-fold:

  • Willingness to integrate off-the-shelf optics to meet our lead-time requirements
  • Strong optical, electrical, lighting, and packaging expertise
  • Interest in our application as judged by timeliness and content of responses.

The other suppliers each exhibited one or two of the criteria, but neither had all three. Image Labs has all three and, quite simply, that is why I chose you as an imaging partner.”
– JH, Ph.D., Agility Communications

“… With your patient help, I got the background printer working. Actually, for a system with over 35 mm of working distance it’s damn good, if I do say so myself– the Zeiss sytem is a $50,000 microscope with less than a mm of working distance. The B&W camera is a good match for the n.a. of the system, neither over- nor undersampled. A well balanced vision system. Many thanks for your special service. Consider me a satisfied customer.”
– DM, Hewlett Packard

“…we’ve demoed the system for various brass and everyone is substantially impressed. Our sponsor said, and I quote, “Very impressive, this should be a big seller”. Thanks for building such a great system in such a short amount of time.”

“This was the best thing you have done yet!!! See enclosed doc. It WORKED PERFECTLY!!”
– BS, KLA Tencor

“… my compliments on the system you put together for us, it certainly is slick!”

“I want to tell you how grateful I am for all of your support. Thanks to all your team. I hope you do great business too. And I hope to do business with you again.”
– NS

Image Labs Manufacturing team

“Congratulations on your new ‘image’ for the company and your continued progress. And please pass along our thanks to your cable team who continue to provide zero-defect product for us.”
– BJ, i2S Line Scan

“Dear Brian, Just to tell you that we delivered the four CA-D1 camera system last week. The system works fine. The images are quite good even with the long cables. I want to thank you for doing a good job.
Best regards,”


“I recently received a cable from Image Labs to interface the Kodak 1.6i with the Matrox Pulsar frame grabber. I would like to thank you. The cable was impressive, and better yet, it worked. Moreover, the cable was delivery well within the quoted delivery time. This timely delivery allowed me to be on time with my own delivery. Previously, I had purchased a cable for the same project from a different company. This cable had been an absolute disaster. Again, thank you for your prompt work and attention to detail.”
– RE, Graftek

” We are very happy with the cables and the power supply that you sold us. The best darn cables we have ever seen and ditto with the power supply. Let’s go onto the next project.”

” We have had positive response regarding the PS1’s. They have successfully powered our entire LD2000 series and the EMI/RFI filtering has proven to be helpful in noisy environments.”
– JB, EG&G