Lens Controllers

Lens Controllers – V3LC and Software

Versatile Serial Controller for Motorized Lenses and Pan Tilts

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Image Labs International, the imaging solutions leader, introduces a smart new addition to intelligent vision and imaging systems, the V3LC lens controller. This lens controller allows computer control of most CCTV motorized lenses via a computer’s standard serial port. Again, Image Labs leverages existing technology with its latest innovation to provide low-impact, high-tech solutions. We also have software for controlling the Fujinon PC lenses.


  • Up to 8 axes, typically Zoom, Focus and Iris on one or two lenses, and 2 axes for Pan and Tilt
  • 10 bit position readback accuracy
  • Timed and position control commands with speed control.
  • Simple ASCII RS232 serial communications protocol. Option to allow multidrop RS485 communications with up to 16 units connected.
  • Includes libraries for C#, .NET, VB, C++, and easy to use interface for 8 channels
  • Runs off 6-16VDC (12VDC typical)
  • 6.25 x 5.25 x 1.25″
  • Comes with 12 Volt, 0.8A supply
  • Interface signals
  • Serial command port, 19200 baud (N/8/1)
  • Lens output of 8 motor control voltages, 6 axes allow PWM speed control, and 2 axes allow DC or AC directional control for pan/tilts. Optional analog output. Specify control voltages of 6, 8, or 12 VDC.
  • 8 position inputs from preset-style pots


V3LC lens controller is compatible with lenses from

  • Cosmicar – P in suffix
  • ISO Rainbow – PZF or PZFI suffix
  • Computar – P in suffix
  • Chugai – P in suffix
  • Fujinon – Y41 or SNPY suffix
  • Navitar – contact ILI
  • And others.

Call for specifications or to allow us to configure a solution for you. Compatible with most lenses with presets or pots and 12 or 6VDC (+/-) or (+) DC control. (6V special version).

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