Custom Systems

V1-BVI – Beverage Crate Vision Inspection Tool

The V1-BVI Beverage crate Vision Inspection tool inspects soft drink crate handles at the packaging plant for breaks or developing cracks. These may occur in the flat part of the handle, or along the side. Locating the potential problems before reloading avoids catastrophic failures during stocking or delivery.
V1-BVI – Block Diagram

A dual camera system monitor crates running at 180 ft/min (120 crates/minute). When a failure is determined, a reject signal activates a diverter to remove the crate from the production line. All enclosures are NEMA-4 sealed for wash down environment.

V1-ACS – Automatic Case Sorting System

The system identifies boxes based on side markings and sorts them to palletizing stations. A single system uses cameras monitoring three product lines, each running at 120 boxes per minute (360/minute total). Typical side markings included box ID numbers, logos, or bar codes. The manufacturer wanted to be able to sort all boxes, even those without barcodes.

The manufacturer wanted to be able to sort all boxes, even those without barcodes.

The user controls allow management of product flow on all three conveyor lines, output lane assignment, and improper box handling. Output information is handed off to PLC’s which manage the pop-up gate timing. Setup is done through a simple touch-screen interface.


V1-CCV – Case Code Verification System

  • Verifies Printed Case Codes are Legible and correct
  • Allows Variable Date and Lot Fields
  • Works on non – alphanumeric codes as well

V1-HSP – High Speed Packaging Verification

  • Inspects packaging for proper “look” at high rates.
  • Easily trained on new styles
  • New products are trained by showing the system Good and Bad configurations.
  • Inspection rates of several per second
  • Parts are rejected on-line
  • Results are saved in data base for review later

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