Camera Link

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Official Specification for Camera Link interface

The result is Camera Link. Camera Link is defined as a camera-to-frame-grabber cable specification. It defines a single connector for both the frame grabber and camera end, and ensures that all Camera Link products are interchangeable with one another.

Camera Link is a cable specification that includes data transmission as well as camera control and asynchronous serial communications all on a single cable. Now, only two connections (power and Camera Link) are required to quickly interface to a multitude of frame grabbers and cameras.

As a standard that has been defined by industry members, Camera Link provides the following benefits:

  • Easy product interchange: Every Camera Link product will use the same cable connection. Cameras and frame grabbers can easily be interchanged using the same cable.
  • Simple interface: Only two connections will be required to interface a camera and frame grabber: Power and Camera Link.
  • Cheaper cable prices: Because Camera Link is an industry-wide standard, consumers will be able to take advantage of lower cable prices.
  • Smaller cables: The technology used in Camera Link reduces the number of wires required to transmit data, allowing for smaller cables. Smaller cables are more robust and less prone to breakage.
  • High data rates: The technology used in Camera Link has a maximum data rate of 2.3GB/s, ensuring solutions for tomorrow’s applications.